Why your Visa might get rejected?

Going abroad for studying or for a job opportunity can be exciting or life changing, however the dreams to do so would get shattered if your Visa gets rejected. Rejection of Visa is truly disappointing and can put an end to your abroad dreams. Providing all the documents would never guarantee that your Visa application would get approved, however if you follow all the migration laws and is updated about their curriculum then you would not find it hard to get through the Visa. Getting the correct Visa agent in Delhi would help you throughout the process and you guide you to get your visa application approved. However, before all that, you should know the common mistakes made that affect your visa approval.

The reasons

  • The purpose of your visit needs to be genuine and true. You should be able to produce all the documents that would justify your visit and in case you are visiting your friends or family, you should be able to tell the reason behind meeting them.
  • In case you are a tourist, then the number of days you are staying in that place should be proportional to the number of sightseeing spots present there. The days stayed in any country should always be justified.
  • In case you are travelling for business, then the agenda of your business and the opportunities should be mentioned in the cover letters clearly. You should also be able submit the documents so as to justify the purpose of visit.
  • Coming to the financial front, you should be able to show that you have enough funds to finance your visit like the travel tickets, accommodation, food, sightseeing and every other expenses that is required during the stay.
  • You should have enough bank balance or liquid cash for the tour and you should be able to show that to the consulate. Investments like FD, Mutual funds are not considered as they cannot used during the tour.
  • You would need to maintain the bank balance regularly. If you have deposited a handsome amount of money then you should be able to give the source of that money. Also you would have to show the breakdown of expenses for your dependent travellers. You should also be able to show your source of regular income to the consulate.

You should also note that in case you are travelling with your family that would have a positive impact on getting your visa approved compared to if you are travelling alone.

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